Dear Tania.

On behalf of the SunRice IS Group I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the team for hosting our corporate event on 10 June 2015. Melina, Ryan, Mary-anne and yourself did an  excellent job of making our eveninga memorableexperiencethatwillstaywith the ISteamfor many  years to come.

The menu for the evening was excellent. The selection and variety provided the team with plenty of choice and even the selective eaters among us were able to leave having had an excellent and filling meal.

The event itself provided an excellent opportunity for the group to come together as a team and really interact with each other. As one of a very limited number of occasions that we will have this year to get the whole team together we thought it was time well spent and would  highly recommend your venue to anyone wanting to get a group of people or a team together for a fun evening.


Ryan Hewlett

Group Information Technology Manager SunRice

TeamCristy Houghton