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Fermenting and Kombucha Making Workshop - Where everything old is new again!

We all know by now how important it is to look after our Gut Health and our digestive system.

$140 per head

Join Katrina Brown from Viva Nutritional Workshops in this Nutritional Workshop. Katrina will touch on the basics of gut health and teach you why eating fermented foods gives your gut bacteria the nutrition it needs to thrive. (Just like your Grandparents used to do!)

Katrina aims to unpack the confusion surrounding how to eat well by creating delicious, simple, inexpensive and nutritious recipes. Her extensive knowledge of Nutritional Medicine (how food works with your body to optimize your health) and past profession as a paramedic have led her to create a diverse range of recipes catering to dietary needs and intolerances.

Your 3-hour workshop includes

·         7 Fermenting recipes with 5 demonstrations

·         Ideas and tips on how to incorporate fermented foods in your everyday life

·         Tastings of Katrina’s mouthwatering creations!

·         Take home information you can refer back to at anytime

NOT E – you will need to purchase your own Scoby- just a small one- and bring a

Please bring a 1.5 litre "Mason" style jar with you. (not a bottle with a rubber stopper lid- you will need that later after the class)

 You can buy the Scoby from Louise at  the Riverina Producers Thursday Markets- Highfield  Farms - she can be contacted via text only  on 0429985222.

Pick up your Scoby on the 8th March at the active The producers markets on Bourke st from 1:30 - 5:30 . 

Cost is approx. $6

The bottles can be purchased from Most supermarkets and Wagga Catering . 

If you choose not to purchase the Scoby or bottle then that is fine too- by observing you will get a full understanding of this process.