Melina Puntoriero

Guest Chef

Melina consults with some of Italy’s top culinary Institutes and now through the Manuelina Culinary Institute, she and her team of chefs are bringing Authentic Italian Regional Cuisine to the world… From Nonna to Master Chefs.

Melina’s love and passion for Italian Cuisine is infectious bringing all that is simple and respectful to the table with quality ingredients and flavours. She has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, South America and Australia, forming the unique flavour combinations that highlight her cuisine. For 10 years she operated her own restaurant and catering business, specialising in Italian Cuisine.

Melina is now a global citizen and commutes between Europe and Australia. Melina works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture in Italy to keep up to date with protected and geographically indicated products.

Melina provides experiences that are unique. She uses her specialised understanding, culinary training, extensive travel and a well trained palate to design a unique experience. When not teaching or consulting, she often writes for various organisations and Chefs around the globe.

She is currently working with Qualivita and their agro alimentary food guide to be presented at the international ‘Feed the Planet’ expo in Milan for 2015.

Melina is fluent in English, Italian and Japanese. 

Cristy Houghtonmelina