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Advanced Salumi Master Class - Day 1 | Curing Prosciutto, Capocollo and Pancetta


$285.00  per head

An exceptional cultural experience, these workshops are aimed at first time makers and novices or those wishing to perfect their skills.

Day 1: Planning the Processing of a Pig

Today you will learn the theoretical and practical elements of breaking down an animal.  We study the more precious cuts of meat as we turn them into Prosciutto, Capocollo and Pancetta

  • Identifying & Choosing Livestock; Skeletal Examination
  • Dissecting a Pig
  • Curing Prosciutto, Capocollo and Pancetta
  • Rendering Lard

Class includes - Morning Tea, lunch with wine, Class tuition, Ingredients, Detailed notes

Qualified Butcher & Professional Salumi maker - Dick Modena