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Sensational Bowl Food & Wok Off

Bowl food can be anything from a few ingredients tossed in a wok, fiery curry, nourishing casserole, soup or a delicious pasta dish thrown together. Nigella Lawson said that "if I had to I would be very happy if I ate food out of a bowl for the rest of my life". All that remains is to lift your spoon, fork or chopsticks and eat!


Vegetable Manchuria - Crispy Vegetable Balls with Spicy, Sweet and Tangy Sauce

Triple Wok Tossed Beans with Chilli & Thai Basil

Nyonya Style Turmeric and Tamarind Chicken Curry

Caramel Soy Pork Belly with Blanched Seasonal Greens

CLASS INCLUDES - Tuition, lunch/dinner with regional wine and beer, recipes



$140 per head.