19TH - 26TH FEBRUARY 2019

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  • Escape the tourist trail - culinary journey through Vietnam!

  • Luxury accommodation, Hanoi’s charming French quarter, be captivated by Hoi An

  • Bustling markets, street food tour, delicious regional specialities, fine dining

  • Mekong, floating markets, local farmers, sampan, rice noodles

  • Explore pagodas, temples, ancient architecture, enjoy shopping & massage

19TH JUNE - 26TH JUNE 2019

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  • Basque country, one of the best dining destinations in the world.

  • From pintxos bars to Michelin dining… Basque gastronomy has it all!

  • Stunning Laguardia, Rioja wineries, seaside village - Getaria, striking San Sebastian

  • Bilbao – Guggenheim, Biarritz, medieval Hondarribia, St Jean de Luz - France

  • Artisan cheesemakers, anchovy workshops, markets, cooking class in secret society!

1ST JULY - 8TH JULY 2019

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  • Italy’s famous food region - luxury gourmet tour, spectacular food and wine

  • Hidden valleys, small villages, castles, Tuscan Hills & luxury accomodation

  • Visit artisan producers - parmigiana, culatello cave, Prosciutto di Parma, market tour

  • Vintage cars - Lake Iseo, Ferrari museum, Franciacorta – Italy’s champagne region

  • Lunch in a castle, world’s most famous butcher!, cooking class with Michelin chef



As always we have done the hard work for you!! Our tours are small group which ensure a more intimate experience whilst travelling…our motto is – if you need a name badge you’re on the wrong tour!

I am extremely excited about all our itineraries. Our tours offer an experts insight into the culinary secrets of Italy, Spain & Vietnam.. ..all tours include a little bit of everything ie - history, food, culture with local insight to all activities. Our meals are handpicked to include the best of culinary experiences in the regions we travel through, from street food through to Michelin dining. No indulgence is overlooked and we spend our nights in sumptuous hotels or private villas.

Some of the experiences offered on our tours are very unique and would not normally be easily accessible for tourists.

Our tours are exceptional - artisan producer visits, architecture, local insight, landscape, culture and food….every day is AMAZING!

We will eat like kings and live like Italianos… food, wine, culture, laughs and a few extra kilos!…

Happy Reading

Ciao, Adios, Tam biet

Tania Sibrey

Chief Cook, Bottlewasher & Food Explorer

Why a Food I Am tour?

  • Fully escorted by Tania Sibrey from Food I Am and a national escort in the country of origin

  • Our itineraries are carefully thought out and put together with the assistance of our worldwide culinary connections

  • Small groups – no waiting

  • Unique food and wine experiences. Our tours are not cooking tours.

  • No decision making needed – Sit back and relax, we have done all the hard work for you

  • Guaranteed the best meals without having to look for the perfect restaurant

  • Experience – our tours are full of surprises!

  • Authentic & cultural regional experiences balanced with free time

  • Travel and share experiences with like-minded people

  • Meet the passionate producers and artisans, learn about their craft

  • Comfort and luxury – travel and accomodation

  • Stress free – no google maps required

  • Gastronomy experts and local English guides with exceptional knowledge

  • Hosts that care about you as an individual

Photos from Vietnam

Photos from Italy  

Photos from Northern Spain

Photos from Southern Spain

Riverina Food Tours - We’ve done the time and hard work..... getting to know the local people, producers and hot spots! Our itineraries are designed specifically for people like you!

Fresh produce and fine wine are a must-do for Riverina visitors! Food I Am Food Tours showcase the best of our local producers, restaurants and wineries.  These deliciously tempting Riverina events take you on a food and wine journey where you’ll acquire a wealth of culinary knowledge, and enjoy some sumptuous samples along the way.  A perfect day for any foodie!

Our small-group, gourmet Food Tours introduce you to Riverina’s best, including chefs, boutique producers, artisans and farmers dedicated to organic, sustainable, free-range farming.

Visitors from Albury, Tumut, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or further afield can “make a weekend of it” with any of our special Riverina culinary events. 

Treat corporate visitors to a taste of Riverina as a welcome, or part of a team building experience. Corporate events featuring renowned Chefs, chartered Food Tours and team building events are also available.

As Food Tour dates vary, be sure to enquire now to secure your seat. If you would like to individualise your tour we can also meet these needs.