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Asian Essentials

Before chefs become chefs, they learn cooking basics. You, too, can master your Asian kitchen—but first you have to master the essential basics of Asian cooking. With your new culinary skills we will then produce a delicious feast.



  • Master Stock – Well worth the effort to produce this rich tasty sauce.
  • Red Braised Pork with Masterstock, Chilli Jam, Lime and Asian Greens
  • Chilli Jam – This very versatile condiment can be used in everything  from Thai style salads to stir frys.
  • Thai eggplant, chicken, Kaffir lime leaves and Chilli Jam stir fry
  • Green Curry Paste - a versatile green curry paste also gives you an understanding of key ingredients & aromatics used in Thai cooking.
  • Green Seafood Curry with lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves

$140 per head.

Earlier Event: April 18
Senior Chef | 14-18 years