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BOOKED OUT - The Spanish Kitchen – Regional specialities from North to the South

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$145 per head

Class Includes - Tuition, lunch/dinner with regional wine and beer, recipes

A wonderful food journey through different regions of Spain including inspiring authentic dishes from regions including Asturias, Cataluna and Cordoba. A fantastic selection of tapas and paella each having a little history of their own. Learn the techniques and simplicity of each dish and how to balance the flavours and spice used in Spanish cooking.


Tortilla de vegetal - Potato tortillas filled with lettuce, onion, tomato, tuna and aioli. This type of tortilla is found in the Pintxos bars of Northern Spain.

Croquetas jamon y queso - Jamon and cheese croquettes, crumbed and fried. This type of croquette is found in both Pintxo and Tapas bars all around Spain. Made with both jamon and cheese in a creamy bechamel filling.

Brocheta de cerdo - Pork shoulder skewers marinated in Moorish spices (paprika, cumin, coriander and fennel- all spices common to Southern Spain) served with labneh, cilantro and pickled green chillies.

Paella de marisco - Seafood Paella. The most popular type of Paella consumed around Spain in both bars and in the home.

Torrijas – Torrijas, a Spanish style French toast, served as a postre (dessert). First the bread is soaked in a milk infusion then dipped in eggwash and fried, served with a honey syrup and vanilla cream. Traditionally an Easter dish, but also eaten all year round.