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4 PLACES LEFT - Mexican Taquiza - A Mexican Fiesta Banquet

Mexican Taquita.png


Sopes with various toppings frijoles, guacamole, pico de gallo, shredded chicken, chorizo and potato

Quesadillas filled with sautéed mushrooms and mozzarella

Pozole - a very traditional soup made with slow cooked pork shoulder, oregano, thyme, corn, onion and garlic and is finished with radish, onion, lime, lettuce, coriander and chilli. 

Flan - lime infused cream caramel


$140.00 Per Person

Class includes - tuition, dinner with regional wine and beer, recipes.

Today you will make various traditional dishes coming from Mexico City and surrounding regions.  You will prepare the sopes and quesadilla dough using yellow corn flour, dishes rich in flavour, colourful and spicy . We then move onto different fillings, toppings and salsa’s including pico de gallo, frijoles, mushroom and cheese fillings, shredded chicken filling, chorizo and potato, hot green and red Mexican tomato sauces and authentic guacamole.

Soups are big in Mexico and this Pozole is nourishing and tasty for our cold weather.

All these dishes will come together to create our Mexican Taquiza.  To finish enjoy a corona or wine with your meal and finally a lime infused creme caramel for dessert.