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BOOKED OUT - Italian Long Lunch Feast with Melina and Tania

Italian Long Lunch-01.png

Cost $99

ANTIPASTO - The Italian crostino forms the basis for antipasto in every region of Italy. Today our chef will delight using a selection of fresh Italian, cheeses, cured meats and vegetables to highlight our season. Think pumpkin and amaretto, bresaola and robiola, asparagus and mushroom.

PRIMO - Gorgonzola stuffed gnocchi with asparagus on pea and broad bean puree

SECONDO - The Fiorentine Steak is a 1kg dry aged T-Bone steak - perfect for sharing! Today we will prepare it with a selection of fresh grilled Spring vegetables , a traditional sweet and sour style vegetable caponata and of course our signature slow cooked Tuscan style white beans. This is a dish where both the meat and the seasonal vegetables make first place on the podium.

DOLCI PLATTER - La Sbrizolona with sorbetto & Tuscan Ricotta cake  

Includes : Italian Feast Lunch and a glass of limoncello to finish!

Beverages available for purchase at the bar

Inspired by our travels through regional Italy this multi course Italian Feast will feature traditional & modern dishes.  We will indulge in Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and Dolci finishing with of course a limoncello! Enjoy spectacular views from our deck whilst sipping on a vino.... What better  way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Melina Puntoriero from Manuelina Culinary International is back from Italy for 2 weeks to present a series of cooking classes and a long luncheon at Food I Am and we can’t wait!